Mila Raczkowska

My painting presents a unique combination of abstract, figurative imagery and drawing expressed with emotion and poetic sensitivity. I create in a vigorous and often spontaneous manner, led frequently by emotions.

My images convey a consciousness that implores us to seek out the details and subtleties of nature and explore our relationship with it. It is often the unintended and subliminal mind that creates the initial medley of shapes and spaces and the artist is the one who makes the choice of exaggerating or diminishing various areas and characters. I let myself be carried away without resistance in the direction indicated by the hand of an intuitive line, colour, and form.

Stimulating the expression of the environment brings each viewer into an effervescent, playful, and exciting world full of organic forms and shapes. Each piece might be a peculiar exploration of natural forms of botanical, animal, and human shapes. Somewhat the combination of illustrative and abstract styles gives my work a dreamy quality that transports the imagination into a whole other world that is waiting to be discovered.

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